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This programs is custom created to address your specific health concerns and how where you are in your recovery. This is an opportunity to address your unique concerns, gain a greater understanding of where you are in your recovery and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of your symptoms. Based on principles of functional medicine and mind-body healing we will explore using natural, less invasive interventions and lifestyle changes to regain your health. Many women following treatment experience digestive issues, brain fog, low energy and a sense of overwhelm. It does not have to be this way and we will explore supporting your health and reversing these symptoms. One of the under-recognized area of recovery is the effect of stress and chronic stress on our ability to recover. Many clients who have experienced previous trauma in their lives feel activated in the process of treatment. Even without a previous trauma experience the cancer recovery process can leave you with symptoms of hyper vigilance, anxiety, sleeplessness and PTSD. We will explore this in our sessions and develop a recovery plan that feels manageable to implement. This personalized program is 100% tailored for you and what areas you need improving. Learn what’s missing, what to maximize, what to minimize and what to prioritize for your recovery What to expect:​ 1. A completely customized health and wellness plan based on your unique needs, lifestyle and budget 2. Two 45-minute coaching and support sessions per month 3. Understand how treatments and medications may be affecting you and develop strategies to reverse symptoms and minimize additional prescriptions and drugs 4. Develop a nutrition plan to help you understand your unique body needs and help you reduce inflammation, heal your body and find balance 5. Develop an understanding of stress trauma and PTSD and how it may be impacting your life as well as interventions to help resolve the negative health effects 6. Personal support between sessions 7. Self-care tips, follow up notes and informative handouts 8. My personal commitment to your health and success

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