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Boobs Aren't Worth Dying For

Anyone who has been through breast cancer and breast cancer treatment knows it’s not over the day you ring the chemo bell.  All too often there are ongoing health deficits and problems that go on for months or even years after oncology treatment.  As more and more women and men are living with breast cancer as a chronic disease there is a need for integrative care that combines the best of conventional medical treatment and natural and complementary medicine that address not only oncology treatment but healing and reclaiming health after chemo, surgery, and radiation.  


As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Advanced Practice RN, and breast cancer survivor Deborah Beaumont will bring you information from a evidence-based functional medicine/integrative health perspective. We look at comprehensive, integrative modalities such as mind-body medicine, therapeutic nutrition, natural medicines, CBD oil and lifestyle changes to support cancer recovery.  The podcast dedicated to the real life issues and concerns of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment survivors.  

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