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Take control of your health and get the peace of mind and quality of life you deserve

Online Coaching with Deborah Beaumont RN

Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Host of the podcast "Boobs Aren't Worth Dying For"

Meet Deborah Beaumont RN

CNS, Functional Medicine Practitioner

Hi, I'm Deborah.  I’m a breast cancer survivor,  RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner.  If you’re unfamiliar with Functional Medicine it is an emerging scientific approach to health and health restoration that looks at the whole picture of an individuals’ experience and the complex interplay of all of the body systems in restoring/maintaining health or being in a process of dis-ease.

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What I Specialize In

Breast Cancer Recovery

Mind-Body Medicine

Cancer and Trauma Recovery

Functional Medicine Testing & Hormone Assessment

Integrative Health

The underlying root causes of health imbalance and particularly the cancer-ing process are complex and won’t get solved in one session, but we will absolutely come up with the plan and lay down the very important foundation to help you get there.

I was truly impressed by how Deborah tried to find the root cause of the symptoms to eliminate the problem, instead of just prescribing medications to cover up the symptoms. Since I've started to follow her suggestions, my symptoms are dramatically improving, my energy level is shockingly different, my anxiety/stress reduced, and I'm realizing that many aspects
of my health are related in ways I never understood before. 

- Rebecca

Deborah was available when I needed her even when I was in crisis. She helped me
understand day to day what was happening and helped me address my concerns in a
patient and understanding way. She is incredibly knowledgable and I felt safe in her
hands. I was so glad she was on my team.

- Shirley

Deborah Beaumont is a perfect balance of bringing the traditional world knowledge of testing and the alternative world of healing the issues before the health problems become worse. She hunts down health symptoms to get the root
causes of issues and then puts together a plan that not only addresses the medical side of things but also the lifestyle contributors. If you are dealing with health
issues that don't seem to go away, I'd highly recommend working with
Deborah, and finding the root causes before those issues get worse.

- Lisa


On a Video Call

Discovery Call

This is an introductory call to establish a connection and explore what services might be best for you

Gold Ribbon

Comprehensive Initial Consult:

Initial session to review health history, previous labs and develop a customized treatment plan.

Test Tubes

DUTCH Test and Consult

90  minute follow-up consultation to discuss results and recommendations of DUTCH test

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